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A resume is the number one resource you need to land a job. However, very few civilians understand military job titles and duty descriptions.

GuideOn builds the best resume by translating your military experience into terms that civilian employers will understand.

Our team of Veterans have walked the challenging path of civilian transition. With our understanding of this problem, we built GuideOn to help the next generation of Veterans.

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GuideOn will always be free for veteran job seekers.

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The details of your military experience go way beyond your occupation code, and so does our translation technology. GuideOn utilizes decades of research to describe your military experience in terms that civilian employers will understand.

Job Matching

Regardless of rank, designation or occupation, GuideOn connects you with exclusive job opportunities that match your skills and experience. We partner with companies who hire veterans into positions where they thrive.

Career Guidance

When a good job match is found, a GuideOn career coach will empower you with a deep understanding of the possibilities provided by your military experience. We also provide eBooks to prepare you for interviews.

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